Fall 2008

Student Artist Profile: Peter Sheldon

By Heather Gilchrist —

Name: Peter Sheldon
Class: Senior
Major: Art (Ceramics)
Hometown: Norwich, VT
Favorite Music: Pearl Jam, Bach and jazz
Hobbies: Ships in bottles, taxidermy and collecting flowers

Every time I lend Peter Sheldon something it comes back covered in clay and dust. Peter is a budding ceramicist at Skidmore College who has cultivated his interest in art over the past three years and is about to unleash his talents into the big world at the end of this year.

Although Sheldon explored both ceramics and photography in high school, he started college aiming toward a degree in religion, philosophy, or education. His resolve to be a full-fledged art major came into fruition during his sophomore year when after dabbling in classes as a minor, he decided to make the leap and focus more intently on his artistic pursuits. Sheldon’s decision was influenced largely by his father who taught Peter at an early age about his love for black and white photography and by his mother and grandmother, both working painters.

Working towards the ever-anticipated senior show at the end of the year, Peter is currently focused on making sets of functional ceramic pieces that exhibit matching and repeating forms, geometric patterns and abstract shapes.

When asked about his dreams for the future, Peter responded quickly that he plans on going to space camp and becoming to first artist to throw a pot in an anti-gravity field. Whichever way the graduated wind ends up blowing him, the future is certain to be bright and vast for this Skidmore artist and we wish him luck in his journey into infinity and beyond.